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Jay Jorgensen
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13/08/2019 11:32 pm  

Welcome to the FANderWaal News Discussion Forums.

We are happy you have joined us, and look forward to sharing your passion for Grace VanderWaal with other likeminded Fanderwaals. The guidelines below should help you have an enjoyable experience.

Grace is not perfect, and she will make mistakes. Grace is her own person, has her own religious, political, environmental, musical and just about every other type of view possible.  For this reason, we STRONGLY frown upon people criticizing Grace because they do not agree with her beliefs and views.  It is ok to disagree, but this is a Fan Club to support Grace, you can debate these personal beliefs elsewhere.

We try to keep this Group filled with exciting content. Unlike a Facebook group, you are not prevented from posting in this forum, nor do you need to wait for your post to be approved, however, we do ask that you become familiar with the layout and Categories so you can put your post in the right spot.  We have a spot for pretty much everything, and we encourage you to explore them all.

While you're not prevented from posting what you want immediately, every post will be scrutinized by our team and other members, and if found to go against our rules, guidelines, or is highly controversial, inflammatory, degrading or just of poor taste, then it is likely to be deleted without warning.

At no time can any member post counterfeit items, non-approved Grace VanderWaal Merchandise, or even link to them in this forum. Further, selling event tickets while allowed, can only be sold at face value. Any attempts at scalping will be handled in a severe and harsh manner.

Respect and consideration for other members of this forum are extremely important. Patience and understanding are equally important, as will have members of all ages, skill levels, education, nationalities, sexual orientations, religious and political beliefs, etc.  While it would be nice, one rule does not fit all and each incident will be treated in a fair manner at the discretion of the FANderWaal News Team.

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