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The Site includes an option for users to provide us with information in order to register as ‘Super Fans.’ (Such Information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy). This registration is for the purpose of expressing agreement with the potential receipt of gifts, promotions or fan opportunities, in the future, if and when such may become available. Notwithstanding our efforts to promote Grace VanderWaal as much as we are able, registration as a ‘Super Fan’ does not, however, guarantee that such gifts, promotions or opportunities will become available.




FN is an organization run by fans of singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal. We are a volunteer promotional organization and do not pro-port to represent or claim affiliation with Grace VanderWaal or her management in any official capacity. Nor do we claim to represent nor have any official affiliation with Syco Entertainment Company, Sony Music Entertainment, Columbia Records, Broadcast Music Incorporated, International Management Group Models, L.B.I. Entertainment Agency, Jammcard Network, or any other company, agency, network or organization Grace VanderWaal is, or will become, affiliated with.


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