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What is a super fan?

Super Fan definition: an extremely enthusiastic or dedicated fan


Here at FANderWaal News, we like to recognize Super Fans of Grace VanderWaal, and we are not the only ones.


For those of you on Social Media, you may have noticed people thanking FANderWaal News, Columbia Records, Grace VanderWaal and more for surprising them with gift packages sent to their home, or opportunities with media outlets.


As you have likely guessed, your mailing address or telephone number has to come from somewhere, and that is where the FANderWaal News Super Fan list comes in.  Previously we would reach out to Super Fans via social media looking for their address.  While that way works, it is slow, inefficient, intrusive and somewhat unsafe as you really do not know who is asking for your personal information.  Adding further to the downfalls, many fans we reached out to, could not get back to us in time and missed out on amazing opportunities.


To make things more secure, safe, convenient and effective, FANderWaal News started the Super Fan List.  Now any fan, of any age, from anywhere in the world can join the Super Fan list at their convenience and feel comfortable knowing they are providing their information in a safe a secure fashion, to a trusted source.  Further, any fan that signs up now has an equal opportunity to be one of the lucky fans to receive a gift package should they come available in the future.




We cannot stress enough that signing up for the Super Fan list does NOT guarantee you will receive a gift package from FANderWaal News, Grace VanderWaal, Columbia Records or any other company, agency media outlet representing Grace VanderWaal.


It is also important to know that FANderWaal News is NOT an official organization for Grace VanderWaal or her Management Team, we are not endorsed by them.


The Super Fan list is completely voluntary, and its main use is for and by the FANderWaal News Administrators.  Your information would only be shared with an outside organization for the sole purpose of a Grace VanderWaal promotion, if and when such an opportunity comes along.


See also:  Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Use

Ready to Signup?

While it is true we cannot guarantee you will every receive a package, we can assure you that your chances are greater, and your information is never shared randomly with unverified people.

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